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    Default Re: Orbital holy beam satellite of obliteration

    Only semi-related, but inspiration struck after re-reading your post, Noob. A slotless item useable by a PC:

    Star of Destruction
    This marvellous Colossal device is teleported to the heavens upon creation. Thereafter, its controller can call upon its power once per day to rain destruction upon her foes. Activating a star is a free action, but the device requires 1d4 rounds to charge and fire itself automatically.

    A star of destruction may duplicate a particular spell once per day, which also determines the caster level and cost of the star (see below). The spell's range is calculated from the controller's space, but the spell's line of effect is determined from the star rather than the controller (this means that the star cannot target creatures and places underground).

    Each star of destruction is crafted along with a small gem, the bearer of which controls the star.

    Caster Level
    Cost (gp)
    fireball 5th 12,000
    disintegrate (+5 bonus on ranged attack roll) 11th 52,800
    sunburst 15th 96,000

    Faint (fireball), Moderate (disintegrate), or Strong (sunburst) Evocation; CL varies; Craft Wondrous Item, overland flight, teleport, and one of fireball, disintegrate, or sunburst; Price varies.
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