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    Default The Weaver Patron Pact and Clauses [Avowed Homebrew] Plus More Spiders (PEACH)

    First off, I know it's not too polished, but here goes. Also the Spider Lord clauses are probably too broken. I'm not sure how powerful this is, and I'd love some input on it.

    Weaver Pact (Patron)
    In seeming nowhere, connected to the astral, ethereal, and shadow planes there lies a strange demiplane. Where most would see this as a strange parody of the Demonweb Pits, few see it for what it really is: the lair of the first spider to exist anywhere in the planes. What even fewer would know is that this creature is not only alive, but thriving and reproducing. Every single spider and spider-like creature across the planes has its origins connected to it somehow. From the humble house spider in the cobbler's hut, to the goliath spiders of Golarion, to the twisted driders that stalk the underdark, to the phase spiders that flit between the planes, to even the aranea that infiltrate societies for knowledge and fun.

    In many cases, an avowed so inclined will try to make a pact with one of the more powerful arachnoid entities. Seldom does it end with the avowed keeping their life. Rare still are the cases in which the entity actually agrees and grants them power. And then there are those cases so rare that they are only spoken of in hushed whispers around campfires and shrouded in legend. In those cases, the entity sends the avowed to deal with the Great Weaver or the avowed seeks her out on their own.

    Often these individuals end up eaten by her progeny or even by her. Occasionally one will somehow, either by luck, fate, or some other happenstance, manage to catch her sight and manage to speak with her, the truly lucky or fateful will manage to make a pact with her. Her pact twists them on a truly fundamental level to be more like her progeny and grants them powers to restrict, connect, and explore as well as augmenting them physically.

    She never merely sends them on their way, however. Whenever she makes a pact, she makes sure to keep a close watch on her avowed and just may send them small gifts, allies, quests, or information. But should they break their pact, she will not allow them to live or pass on to their afterlife. Instead they will be trapped in her realm and used however she sees fit.

    Weaver Pact Features
    The following are the weaver pact's features.

    Pact Skills: Knowledge (Local), Perception, Stealth. A weaver-pact avowed gains their insight bonus on perception checks.

    Attunement: You gain a 20 ft. climb speed, if you didn't have one already, and the ability to spontaneously create silk rope and strands. You can create up to 25 feet of silk rope per day per level of avowed. You may produce 5 feet as a move action, 10 feet as a standard action, and 15 as a full-round. You can split that amount between any of the following types of silk you want. All silk created by you has the same basic stats: 4 hit points and damage reduction 2/slashing.

    The differences of the types are as follows:
    • Curling: When used on a grappling trap or as an item as part of a grapple, the wielder or trap gains a +2 untyped bonus to grapple.
    • Firm: When used as a rope, it grants a +6 to checks used to secure a location or creature.
    • Foundation: This silk has 6 hit points and damage reduction 3/slashing.
    • Soft: This silk has 2 hit points and grants a +2 competence bonus to diplomacy if made into clothing.
    • Sticky: When used as part of a rope, single-use item, or trap, it causes any creature other than aranea to become entangled. When used as part of a rope, it can also allow the rope to be used as a grappling hook.

    A silken rope can be made from up to three different types of the above silk. In addition, you can move across your own web/silk at your climb speed and can pinpoint the location of any creature touching the silk while you are in contact with it. You are also proficient with any ropes you create.

    At level 10 you gain the Web ability.

    Sense: You automatically detect the presence of spiders within 30 feet, even through walls and other barriers. This does not reveal the location of spiders , only that they are there. If you wish, you can exclude specific spiders that you are aware of from this sense.

    Weaver Pact Empowerments
    The following are the weaver pact's empowerments

    Spider Bites (4th): You gain a bite attack that deals 1d6 damage and the bitten creature must make a fortitude save vs poison (10+1/2 avowed level+Charisma modifier) each round for 4 rounds or take 1d4 Dex damage. The creature is cured with two consecutive saves.

    In addition, you gain a natural armour bonus equal to 1/3 your avowed level and a +6 to saves against poison from spiders and spider-like creatures.

    Artful Maneuvering (8th): Your climb speed becomes equal to twice your highest movement speed. In addition, any time a creature fails at their saving throw against an entangling effect you used on them, they take a -2 penalty against further saves against your entangling effects for a number of rounds equal to your avowed level.

    Vast Strands (12th): You gain vast strands as a bonus clause.

    Coiling Silk (16th): You gain coiling silk as a bonus clause.

    World Weaver (20th): Creatures that are entangled, grappled, or otherwise restrained(such as with rope or by being staked to a wall) are treated as willing for the purposes of clauses, abilities, and effects originating from you. Such creatures automatically fail saves against your mind affecting effects, and take a 4 penalty on saves against your other abilities.

    You also gain the extraordinary ability to climb the air as though it were your own silk. By climbing the threads of reality, you can move at your climb speed in any direction even if there is nowhere for you to hold onto. You gain the ability to move as if you had a natural fly speed equal to your climb speed with perfect maneuverability, however you must make climb checks instead of fly checks when ascending, descending, or performing tricks and must have a free hand to move. In addition, you cannot make any move you would not normally be able to make while climbing a rope while using this ability, though you are still able to use clauses and fight with melee weapons as though unhindered. This ability is not modified by ascention.

    In addition, when you reach 20th level, you gain a realm of your own in the twilit web. This realm is created the moment you gain this ability, as if by a permanent create greater demiplane spell, except that its area is always 100 1-mile cubes instead of one acre. Your woven realm has the Bountiful, Shape, Structure, and Morphic features, with the manifestations of each determined by you when you gain this ability.

    Finally, you gain into the parlour as a bonus clause.

    Weaver Pact Clauses
    The following three clauses are granted by the weaver pact, and cannot be selected normally.

    Coiling Silk
    Final Pact (9th); standard or full-round action; spell resistance: yes(single target only)
    Granted by Coiling Silk(16th)
    You attempt to cover an enemy in a spider web. As a standard action, you can choose to either affect an area or a single target. If you effect an area, you use web, as the spell on the area you target. If you affect a single target they must make a reflex save or be entangled for 1d4 rounds. If they fail by 5 or more, they are cocooned and immobilized for 1d4 rounds and remain entangled for 1d6 rounds afterwards. If they fail by 10 or more, they are cocooned and immobilized for 1d6 rounds and remain entangled for 1d8 rounds afterwards.

    You may instead choose to activate this clause as a full-round action. If you do and effect an area, you also summon 1d4 of scarlet spinners within the web that are under your control. If you effect a single target, you summon a single scarlet spinner to attack the target. If the target fails the the save by 5 or more, you instead summon 1d2 scarlet spinners. If the target fails by 10 or more, you summon 1d4 scarlet spinners.

    Vast Strands
    Greater Pact (6th); move or standard action; spell resistance: yes
    Granted by Vast Strands (12th)
    You touch a creature and create a small ethereal strand of silk that leads from them back to you. The strands are nearly invisible (DC 40) to see, are intangible, and can extend up to 1 mile per avowed level before the effect is forcefully ended. While the silk is attached, you may count yourself and the creature count as one individual for the purposes of spells and clauses with a range of personal and you can communicate between each other in any language you both know as if you were standing next to one another.

    In addition, you may use this in combat as a standard action. If you do, you make a melee touch attack to place a strand on your opponent. You are always counted as having line of effect to the target and can pull the target towards you as though with a rope (making the appropriate drag or reposition maneuver checks as needed). This does not allow the affected creature to be dragged/affected through walls even though you still have line of effect.

    Into the Parlour
    Final Pact (7th); standard action; spell resistance: yes
    Granted by World Weaver (20th)
    You move yourself and others to or from your realm. This clause functions as the plane shift spell, except that it only works on yourself and willing creatures, and you can only travel to the realm created by your pact (or to the last plane you were on, if you are already on your demiplane).

    General Clauses

    Spider Lord I
    Least (2nd); Full-round action; spell resistance: no
    You use summon monster II, as the spell, save that you can only summon 1 Giant Spider, 1d3 Giant Crab Spiders, or 1d4+1 Scarlet Spinners. You may only use this clause once per day per two avowed levels you have.

    Spider Lord II
    Lesser (4th); Full-round action; spell resistance: no
    You use summon monster IV, as the spell, save that you can only summon 1 Giant Black Widow, 1d3 Starry Spinners, or 1d4+1 Giant Crab Spiders. You may only use this clause once per day per five avowed levels you have.

    Spider Lord III
    Greater (6th); Full-round action; spell resistance: no
    You use summon monster VI, as the spell, save that you can only summon 1 Ogre Spider, 1d3 Phase Spiders, or 1d4+1 Giant Spiders. You may only use this clause once per day per ten avowed levels you have.

    Spider Lord IV
    Final (9th); Full-round action; spell resistance: no
    You use summon monster IX, as the spell, save that you can only summon 1 Bebilith, 1d3 Shadeweb Recluses, or 1d4+1 Moon Spiders. You may only use this part of the clause once per day

    Vermin Love Me
    Least (2nd); standard action; spell resistance: no (targets self)
    You transform your very being, becoming closer to the natural, if a bit creepy crawly world. When you activate this clause, select a type of creature typically seen as vermin (spiders, rodents, etc.). You gain wild empathy as a druid of your caster level that can only be used on your choice of creature and creatures like them but works on them regardless of creature type. In addition, all of those creatures and creatures like them start at 1 attitude level higher towards you, to a maximum of friendly. This is a permanent effect, and lasts until dispelled or dismissed.

    Spider Rider
    Lesser (4th); 1 hour; spell resistance: no (targets self)
    You summon a Giant Black Widow Spider as a mount. This functions identically to the paladin's Divine Bond class ability save that it gains the respective template of your alignment at ECL 11 instead. This is a permanent effect, and lasts until dispelled or dismissed.

    In addition, at ECL 11 you may choose a phase spider instead of a giant black widow. At ECL 16, you can also choose a shadeweb recluse and a starry spinner as well.

    My Spider Sense Is Tingling
    Greater (6th); full-round action; spell resistance: no (targets self)
    You may sense the world through all non-magical spiders with HD equal to or less than your avowed level within 1 mile as though they were your own. The distance increases to 2 miles at level 15, and to 3 miles at level 19. At level 17, you may also choose to affect supernatural spiders with this ability.

    PLANAR WEBS [Avowed]
    You are able to harness the power of spiders beyond the mundane within your silk.
    Prerequisite: Avowed level 10, Spider Lord II, ability to create webs or silk
    Benefit: You may choose to create starry spinner web instead of normal silk. This counts towards your total number of uses per day.
    Normal: Your silk acts as normal spider silk.
    Special: If you have Spider Lord III, you can choose to summon ether weavers instead of phase spiders and may also choose to create ether weaver web instead of normal silk. This counts towards your total number per day. If you have Spider Lord IV, you may also choose to create shadeweb recluse web instead of normal silk. This counts towards your total number per day.
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