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    I've been working on a mix of 4th and 5th editions, essentially bringing bounded accuracy to 4th edition (as well as spell slots) - and my players, none of whom have played any 4th edition, are really excited about the things the edition did really well.

    I probably could have simply brought them into a pure 4th ed game and they'd have gravitated to it more than they ever did 5th.

    I suspect more people are giving 4th a look, as it's got a lot of better crunch and feels more like adult DnD than 5th does. 5th has this throwback vibe, but once you get over the happy feeling of being a teen again, you quickly realize why the game outgrew its AD&D roots...

    The primary reason I'm actually making a mashup mod is I don't like the massive numbers 3.PF and 4th ended up going with. I don't want to try to generate DCs in the 30s for late game characters. Where climbing a tree at 1st level was kinda hard, but suddenly that same tree has to be impossible, just to let the 18th level characters have a bit of a challenge? (This is an exaggerated case, obviously).

    BA is far and away the best thing in my opinion that came out of 5th edition. But bring back FRW Defenses, saving throws that end effects, flattened hit points, encounter powers, utility powers (omg, my players love the idea of utility powers - "what? extra spells that are useful that aren't competing with my blasts? Why'd they get rid of those in 5th?" I know, right?)

    I'm just glad there's still a 4th ed community that's active. A quick google search gets me answers to niggling questions.
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