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    Default Re: The LA-assignment thread: Making monster PCs VI-able

    Astral Construct

    The psionic equivalent to summoned monsters. Generally weaker than their magical cousins, but given how ridiculous the latter can get I wouldn't say that's a bad thing.

    Astral constructs come in nine flavors, one for each possible augmentation level, and supposedly each roughly equivalent to at-level summons. That doesn't bode well for higher-leveled ones, but the first few should hopefully be playable. Let's have a look!

    1st-level astral construct

    One construct HD (which can therefore be swapped out), a pretty good chassis with 15 strength and dexterity, a 1d4 slam, +5 natural armor, construct immunities, and small size (ouch). In addition, those constructs get a special customizable ability, which can actually be rather varied. The most notable one is the fly speed: everything else is either underwhelming (swim speed, +1 AC, energy resistance 5) or wants the construct to be more of a melee brute than its small-sized chassis encourages.

    Honestly, this is far from the worst chassis for a rogue-type character, assuming the lack of intelligence is fixed. I myself am not convinced it's quite strong enough for +1 LA, but at the same time I can totally understand those who'd claim it is. Good physical stats, flight, construct immunities and some good natural armor are pretty useful traits, after all.

    2nd-level astral construct

    2 RHD now, but medium size to make up for it. 16 strength is hardly bad, but at the same time two class levels are a lot to give up for an okay-chassis (that doesn't even get full BAB) and flight. Probably -0 LA, with a tiny sliver of possibility for +0.


    21 strength and medium size, but 3 HD. Arguably a little better than the 2nd-level variant, but construct HD are just so terrible that even the +4 strength and lack of additional BAB loss make it hard for me to recommend this over an actual class level. Not +0 LA material for sure; -0 it is.


    Pounce is probably the most notable of the B-list abilities (that or fast healing), and 25 strength is pretty great, but the 5 RHD sting. Also, having pounce means not getting flight, due to the way the ability menus work. -0 LA once more: just play a barbarian instead.

    Level 5 and up

    Added RHD really starts outpacing the benefits from gained levels. Larger size, DR/magic, heaps of strength and eventually even invisibility or PLAs are all nice, but getting one neat thing for several levels of investment isn't worth it. -0 LA for the lot: unimpressive even in their niche is the definition of tier 5.
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