Razade, The GM

The Biolator laughs as the large microbe rears up to build a wall between you both. "I think you have more to worry about than arch-rivals Ronin. You can't have one of those if your career as a hero won't go past today! You mocked me!" The Biolator's already shrill voice a particularly grating whine as he stamps his foot in someone's well manicured hedge. "You denied me my most needed supplies but I'll have my revenge. I've found something better, I thought you might like to see it before my pet pries you from your precious armor."

With a flourish the "good doctor" brandishes a large syringe filled with bubbling black goop, launching it at the microbe which begins to pulsate and mutate. The "beast" swells, growing a darker shape of green until it's almost black as the asphalt beneath it starts to melt, bubbling into the thing to form a rocky shield. "Now behold! The start of this world's new masters!"