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“...an over,” she concludes, and flashes a smile, hoping desperately that Annalee’s not going to a) make fun of her or b) immediately go to sleep. “Want some cheezits?”

[I am rolling to Turn Annalee On, as I will every time I get the opportunity to get y’all hot and bothered. I rolled a 6. Please destroy me.]
As you walk across the room in your state of semi-undress, you pass by one of your open windows. For a moment you're silhouetted perfectly in light, the absolute figure of a woman. And Annalee is not the only one watching.

Outside Carmen Rakam, had turned her head up at just the wrong moment and she sees you there like the angel of death. She doesn't see the cheezits or the dead flowers or the baggy shirt, she sees the most beautiful creature in all the world. She stops and stares so long that the zombie (Cameron Butler, he's an okay sort) almost gets out from under her, but a solid axe blow through the ribcage puts a stop to that.

Carmen stands up, wipes the blood from her hands and picks up her axe, stake, throwing stars, miniature flamethrower and katana. She looks up at the window again - the girl is gone, and she lets out a disappointed but dreamy sigh. Then she shakes her head. Focus Carmen! The Lord Vigilant warned you that they'd try to tempt you in this cursed place! You're here to destroy the forces of evil, not swoon over them!

But... what if she was a human? A prisoner in this place? Maybe she needed to be rescued, not hunted. She looked human, right? It couldn't hurt to take a little look...