So in our Ravnica adventure last night we captured a rogue Simic scientist who'd stolen research material from her fellows and her experiments caused some mayhem in her apartment complex. Now in the end no one was really injured(except for us) the minor monsters she created were all defeated and the big giant floating JellyFish but made from Rock and kelp peacefully floated away instead of attacking anyone(aside from any pigeon in reach)

We had a debate over who to turn her over too. The Azorios or the Simic as both had some legal claim to her. My Golgari Warlock said we should just have them bid on her. No body else liked that idea so he had a ballot vote and for some reason we let her vote too. It came down to 3 votes for the Simic and 3 votes for Azorios and one for "Bid on Her"

Group went back to arguing one player changed his vote to Simic and another to Azorios so the deadlock continued, My Warlock decided to push things forward by suggesting we just go talk to them and have both sides make their case. I then used that opportunity to get them to bid on her. When both bids came out equal it came down to two coin tosses because the first coin went flying and was lost.

So yeah we're having a lot of fun.