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    Oh well, good game. Serial Killer is a really hard role to win with so I'm pretty glad I got as far as I did.

    @Requilac, I'm still confused why you tried to convert me last night.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaoimhinTheCape View Post
    Since it doesn't matter at this point, I will mention that I healed you on Day 1 Elenna since I wanted my self heals on the even days. You were talkative enough that I figured you might have a power role. Which you did. In a way.
    Ah, yeah, makes sense! I did pick Aleph Null as my kill target last night because I was basing my thinking around the assumption that you'd bane yourself N1.

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    Note to self: don't vote someone who claimed. Not even in a Cult game.

    Good game, though I would've loved to see it end with everybody dead.

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    In retrospect, I could have tried to convince Aleph that Cao might have been converted the night before, I guess.

    But even if he was 100% convinced Cao was a cultist somehow, there was the risk that AV would auto, and then if we lynched Cao it would have ended in everyone dead. His safest move in that case would probably be to lynch me that day, Cao would self-bane that night, and then hope to win the next day's lynch, either via RNG or via AV coming back to vote. So it's not like that would have helped me anyways.

    All in all, it was easier and funnier for ne to propose a murder pact

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    I've been following along. If the game day had been allowed to play out with an actual deadline, and Elenna's plan had been accepted for ****s and giggles, I would've posted a tiny thing just to ruin it cuz I'm a stinker. suck

    Although an almost completely inactive player being the only survivor would admittedly also be pretty funny.
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