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@Requilac, I'm still confused why you tried to convert me last night.
Look at post 16 of the Cult QT I sent above. I tried to convert you because I had reason to believe that you and Caoimhin were lying about your roles in order to throw me off. Clearly, I misjudged.

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Although an almost completely inactive player being the only survivor would admittedly also be pretty funny.
I actually thought that Aleph was going to go through with the MAD pact as well. He already proved himself to be pretty impulsive (a trait which actually proved useful bizarelly) with killing Apogee N1 and revealing his role D2, so going through with the plan just for the fun of it would be in-character.

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Gg all.
When I killed apogee on night 1 you all seemed to pick up on why really fast, as expected. I pretty much wanted to set myself up as being SK for the time being so the cult wouldnít try to convert me and the town would try to keep me alive until end game, but that didnít work so I just claimed my role and hoped the healer didnít get converted.
Risky, yes. Dangerous, yes. But it worked out in the end XD
I am actually surprised by how well that role reveal worked out. It really gave the town quite an unexpected upper hand. In future WW games I need to be considering doing something like that as a town power role.

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I've been following along. If the game day had been allowed to play out with an actual deadline, and Elenna's plan had been accepted for ****s and giggles, I would've posted a tiny thing just to ruin it cuz I'm a stinker.
Point I missed: I was terrified that you would suddenly jump into action and reveal yourself as the actual Vanilla Townie on D3 after I fake-claimed that role. I ended up getting lynched anyway, but if you would have said that it would have been almost impossible for me to squirm out of it.