Oh, yeah, here's my QT if anyone wants to see me talk to myself.

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A few comments and questions about this game from my perspective as cult leader

1) Here is the Cult Chat: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/GqEB3GnLWKb83. It's mostly me talking to myself, but it does explain many of my decisions.

2) Coaimhin! What kind of madman healer doesn't bane the person who has an uncontested town claim on the night phase after they baned!?

3) I am surprised that I got as far as I did, given how few other cultists were around. Two out of three of my conversions failed, and the one time I did have a successful conversion the target died immediately the night after (thanks a lot, Grek ).

4) My strategy as Cult Leader was just to do exactly what I would do if I were a Vanilla Townie. I would have made the exact same lynch votes and comments if I were a townie. My role as Cult Leader didn't influence my day behavior significantly. I didn't even co-ordinate a lynch vote with Elenna on D2. The only time I let the Cult behavior in was that I intentionally took longer than I needed to to respond to Caoimhin's role-reveal proposal, but even then I would have said the exact same thing as a true townie, just sooner.

5) On D3 I was considering secretly telling Caoimhin (who I was almost certain was SK at the time, due to a rules misunderstanding explained in Post 13 of the QT) that I was the Cult Leader and trying to come with some sort of complex alliance to lynch Elenna (who I thought was healer). I actually even started writing the PM and got several paragraphs in before I backed out. Good thing I didn't.

5) I explain why I chose to try to convert Elenna on N3 on post 16 of the QT. Basically, I had reason to believe that Elenna and Caomhin were intentionally lying about their roles to throw the Cult Leader off. It was a massive gamble that didn't pay off.

6) Successfuly converting Grek the Elder N1 was mostly luck. As I stated before, power roles tend to be quieter but still present, so I thought that Grek was more likely to be a power role than others.

7) Aleph Null, if you where so suspicious of me as being Cult and voted for me on the first two days, why didn't you NK me earlier? Was Apogee and Book Wombat really more suspicious than myself?

8) I still don't know who Pelor and Zarus are. I guess we shouldn't be surprised the faith didn't catch on to anyone except a likely senile old man then.
2) I KNOW RIGHT coulda had a 50-50 shot at winning if I'd killed the right person last night... okay, maybe not, since AV would probably have come in and voted if that were the case.

5) Um, PMs weren't allowed in this game...

5) why do you have two point #5's? Anyways, I guess I can kinda see why you thought that way, if you were under the impression PMs were allowed, but why would the Serial Killer agree to a plan like that?

Also I'm still confused by "at least part of Elenna's statement is a lie, because I know that the healer protected Caoimhin and not Aleph Null N2, already showing her willingness to show deceit. " Like, of course it was a lie, the whole claim was a lie, I was making stuff up! Anyways, not really a big deal, probably would have ended the same either way.

8) Short version: Pelor is a good god, Zarus is an evil god. The cult is trying to convince people that they're actually the same evil god, who is Pelor just pretending to be good.