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Wait, what was the original plan? I did follow your suggestion of converting Caoimhin N2, which didn't work out. I was unaware we had thought further ahead than that.
Plan was still to convert Caoimhin, I had thought. The Healer can't target the same person twice, so the convert would have definitely gone through. Unless Caoimhin was the SK, but I was under the impression a conversion attempt on a baned SK returns "you can't convert them they're the SK" instead of "conversion failed, they were baned".

Valmark, to be fair the only Townie who voted you for voting the Vig was me - Grek and Elenna assumidly jumped on so they could get you out of the game.
At that point, I was already 90% sure that Elenna was the SK based on my cult + Elder knowledge, so I was pretty confident that Valmark was town. But I figured "protect the claimed Town Power Role" as a reasonable enough cover for voting someone, so I did that while also trying to see if we could get a side train going on SK!Elenna.