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    Quote Originally Posted by Grek View Post
    Plan was still to convert Caoimhin, I had thought. The Healer can't target the same person twice, so the convert would have definitely gone through. Unless Caoimhin was the SK, but I was under the impression a conversion attempt on a baned SK returns "you can't convert them they're the SK" instead of "conversion failed, they were baned".

    At that point, I was already 90% sure that Elenna was the SK based on my cult + Elder knowledge, so I was pretty confident that Valmark was town. But I figured "protect the claimed Town Power Role" as a reasonable enough cover for voting someone, so I did that while also trying to see if we could get a side train going on SK!Elenna.
    If Cao had been converted the last Night (instead of a failed attempt on Elenna), I think it would have gone to RNG.
    Day would have likely gone the same: lynch Elenna by Aleph Null and Cao. AV lingers but doesn't post and autolynches. That the game doesn't end reveals one is cult.
    Night: Cao either banes himself or void Aleph, so Cao survives.
    Day: 1 vs 1 vote-off. RNG.

    OR, if AV did post to avoid autolynch, it'd be 2 town vs. 1 cult, so depends on how AV votes. E.g., if she believes Cao or Aleph is the cultist.

    EDIT: or, if Elenna killed Cao (whether he was converted or not), it'd be a Town win as it'd be Elenna vs. AV & Aleph Null. We know AV was lurking and it sounds like she would have posted in that scenario.
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