The Landship

A major investment by a master technomancer resulted in this steam-powered vehicle, which now stands deserted on the open plains.

It looks like a small riverboat supported on sixteen train trucks. Each truck has four wide wheels, the outboard pair being linked to a double-action steam piston with the inner pair freewheeling. Each of the trucks is independently suspended on massive coil springs, allowing at least some travel over rough ground.

The bottom of the structure is twelve feet above the ground, with two gangplanks allowing people to board the ship over the rail twenty-five feet above the ground. At that height a deck runs from front end to rear, enclosing the lowest and largest of the three decks. Above this, divided by a wide walkway, is a windowed two-story house topped with a small pilothouse on the front, and a windowless engineering and cargo house with a pair of smokestacks on the front corners.

Four sponsons, each located at the second floor level of the front and rear corners of the ship, mount inch and a half smooth bore muzzle loading brass cannons.

The ship is here because it is out of fuel and water.