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    Default Order of the Pendragon

    [This seems sloppy and uninspired. I need help with how to clean it up, and make it more...something something something...]

    Order of the Pendragon

    A key victory in the Rise occurred in the Dragonspine Mountains. A mixed group of freedom fighters were chased through the mountain chain for months, by endless waves of Giant forces. The group of over 200 was reduced to nearly 50, with mostly humans and orcs remaining.

    They chose to make their final stand at Dragon's Head, a lone peak that gave them the high ground and no chance of surprise, but also no path of retreat. Dragons once were the ancestral enemies of the giants, so there was as much symbolism in this choice as there was strategy.

    The Pendragon, the leader who's true name is lost to time, had guided them through countless victories. She had turned them from disorganized brawlers to honorable soldiers, adhering to a noble code of conduct that served to inspire others to join in the Rise.

    The group faced hundreds of giants that day, and by dusk the mountain peak was littered with their massive bodies. The freedom fighters slowly began to fall, one by one, but they fought with honor and valor, for their great cause.

    The Pendragon took a mortal blow, and as she fell made a final prayer for her companions and her cause. This moment, known as the Knightfall, seemed to summon the spirit of the Dragonspine Mountains. It is believed that this lot of men was granted favor by what remained of dragonkind, and answered her prayer through them.

    The remaining warriors were “knighted” by this spirit, and granted gifts to help win the day. Some were granted with draconic traits, such as wings or scales. Some gained claws, some with flaming breath. Cavalry mounts transformed to dragon steeds.

    The Order of the Pendragon were left with a mere 17 knights by morning, worn but victorious. In addition, their story only further inspired others during the Rise. More eagerly joined their ranks, and to everyone’s surprise those that held most true to their ideals would be granted a gift from the Dragon Spirit.

    Centuries later, long after the War of the Rise, the Order of the Pendragon remains. They are scattered through many lands, and most know only two or three of their brethren. But they still hold true to the Old Code to honor those that came before them, and protect this new world they fought for.