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    Default Re: Cooperative Worldbuilding - A Promised Necromancy

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    "Nothing. Fire, sunlight, garlic, holy symbols, stakes, and now beheading. I'm beginning to think we're not dealing with your ordinary run-of-the-mill vampire here. And now we're three days of midge infested swamp away from the nearest village with no clothes and an extra toe on each foot. Well, could be worse. At least it's the wrong time of year for the giant leeches."
    Vesily the Fang Breaker, to his apprentices Kelit Silvertongue and Jared Goldenmane. After months of struggle, hunts, and increasingly inventive and desperate attempts to best the beast, it was eventually sealed at the bottom of a well in chains of gold and beneath tons of stone, though they never did determine the source of its unnatural power... or a way to kill it. A lack they came to regret decades later, when Jared's sister Princess Jasmine the Devourer managed to replicate its previously unique strain of vampirism in herself.

    "Ah, so that's how this device works! Don't give me that look; I've always had servants to do this for me 'til now."
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    When you combine the two most devious, sneaky, manipulative, underhanded, cunning, and diabolical forces in the known universe, the consequences can be world-shattering. Those forces are, of course, players and GMs.
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    Realism, the natural predator of D&D mechanics.