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I'd like to post a campaign journal for my 3.5 Forge of Fury into Red Hand of Doom game.
There doesn't seem to be a story forum for campaign journals, so I was thinking the 3.5 forum would be the best place to post since the RHoD Handbook is there.

However, our group has a history of only playing sporadically and it is quite possible that we will not play for 45-60 days on occasion.

1) Is the 3.5 forum the best place to post this or would you suggest a different forum?
2) Is it ok if I post updates outside of the 45 day range?
3) Would I need to message a moderator before posting once it goes over 45 days?

Hopefully, we will play more regularly. But wanted to head off any potential board issues.

1) Probably yes.
2) No-the only default exception, to my knowledge, to Thread Necromancy exists in the Homebrew forum. The creator of a piece of brew may re-open the thread if they wish past the 45 day limits.
3) Yes.

Also, something the mods have said about Campaign Journals is that this is a discussion forum-if your journal generates discussion, great! It's good to go.
If it doesn't generate discussion, and is just the journaler posting without any discussion being had, it's not appropriate for this forum, and better off as a blog or something.

I am not a mod, this is just going off what I know from what I've seen the mods say. Best of luck with your gaming!