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Narrator: Meanwhile, the rest of the group travels through darkened passageways, headed towards the Chamber of the Abomination to rescue the Sidekick Elan from the Evil Technomancer Xykon.

Disembodied Voice: *whispering* Bonny-kins!

Haley: What was that?

Moonteen3: Malfunctioning computer program. Ignore it: it's a waste of time. There isn't even a good reward at the end of the mission.

Professor Vaarsivius: Why do you call it The Chamber of the Abomination?

Moonteen1: Because it has an Abomination in it.

Dr. Durkon: A horrid mechanical monster capable of rending its foes limb from limb?

Moonteen1: Ewe! No! It has something even more abominable in it!

Moonteen3: A door that can't be opened.

Dr. Durkon: That's what you find abominable?

Moonteen3: Holes cease to be holes when covered by a door! And this door doesn't even open!

Moonteen1: Holes should be free to be holes!

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Roy: What can we expect to see in this Chamber of the Abomination?

Moonteen1: A giant armored cargo hatch protected by an electronic defense screen powerful enough to vaporise anyone who tries to get past it.

Roy: I'm not interested in The Gate. I want to know more about the people guarding it.

Moonteen3: They're jerks. Make you do chores and study, go to bed when all your friends are going to the nightly rave.

Roy: How are they deployed? What kind of weapons do they carry? What tactics will they use?

Moonteen1: Oh, that stuff. Umm, they fill the room, they carry hole-punch guns, and they will swarm you in uncountable numbers heedless of their own survival.

Dr. Durkon: I thought the Technomancer wanted you to bring us to him alive?

Moonteen3: Dead, alive, it doesn't matter. He'll hook your head up to his gefilte fish jar gizmo and make you talk.

Roy: Okay, team. We need a plan.

Professor Vaarsivius: I have ample supplies of Somnolence Grenades and three Personal Energy Screen belts.

Haley: Dibs!