Poor V. He needs to find the others fast, he's really losing it.

I can't really say I disagree with him on most accounts, though. Yeah, Therkla was a person and not a chunck of XP, but so where all the people you killed, Elan, and maybe they were in love with someone, too, and maybe they were brave, intelligent and sensitive. V's very pragmatic, but he's not wrong.

And I would have been so pissed at Elan if he had talked about Therkla that way when Haley is still missing, had I been V. I mean, we followed the whole story, V didn't. The only thing he knows is Elan being "Boo-hoo, the girl who was in love with me is dead".

At least Elan is back to his old oblivious self in the end. V's scary, though. I really hope nothing bad happens to him.

You know, it's weird, V used to be the character in the Order I cared the less for. But now, he seemed to be the one I can relate to the most.