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    Melody (A.K.A. Model Smurf)
    Race: Smurf
    Class: Adoptive daughter of Turtle.
    Alignment: Chaotic Good.
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'7" (Formally 3")
    Eyes: Violet
    Hair: Brunette
    Affiliation: Good League of Good
    Power Level: 3

    Description: Melody is a tall, thin, very attractive human-sized Smurf. She has long brunette hair, and pretty violet eyes. Her skin is a light blue. She usually wears a t-shirt and jeans. She looks to be about 18, even though she's only 15.

    Backstory: Melody was raised in Smurf Village by her great grandmother, Smurfette (yes, of teevee fame). While she was out picking flowers, a great shadow loomed overhead.

    She looked up and saw what at first she thought was the horrible Gargamel come back from the past. The monster grabbed her, spoke in a strange language, then stuffed her in it's pocket.

    For the next month the monster, now known as Lord Magtok, would remove her from his pocket, and do strange experiment to her. One day, while begging for release from his pocket, he reached in and handed her over to another strange being. This one also had no hair, but looked to be female.

    The female fed, bathed, and gave Melody medical attention. She also started calling her Alyssa.

    Alyssa was given to the care of Dr. Al Beit. A psychotherapist. He helped restore Melody's mind, and discovered Melody's true name. It wasn't long after that, that Judy, Melody's female rescuer, left GLoG. Melody was told that she had to stay, to finish her therapy.

    Melody was doing fine, until the day that Dr. LaRoth and her gang started to invade GLoG again. A telepath named Alek has invaded Melody's mind, and made her life a living hell, once again.

    1. Teleport Bracelet- Melody can teleport to anyplace that she's been to and knows the location of.
    2. Amulet of Concealment- This Amulet makes mind-control nearly impossible. It was given to Melody by Turtle, after Nil left.
    3. Mr. Huggles and Sparkles series- These are two drones sporked up by Turtle for Melody to protect her mind had reverted to a child-like state. They have been charged with protecting Melody and keeping her happy.
      1. Mr. Huggles- Mr. Huggles looks like a basic drone, with childish scribbles all over him.
      2. Sparkles series, I - III- The Sparkles series look like pseudo-dragons, and were created after child-Melody first saw Fanboy's Dragons. She wanted one, so Turtle created one for her.

    Armor: None. She's not a fighter.

    Common Knowledge:
    1. Her best friend was Lindsay. Who was played by Haleyintraining.
    2. Turtle adopted her after Melody's mind was reverted to a child-like state by the villain Alek.

    This is her, during child-like mindfrack.

    Avatars by Happyturtle.
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