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    Gender: Female
    Race: Goddess
    Age: 1960-ish years...
    Alignment: NG
    Class: Druid
    Power Rating: 9 Feel intimidated? Don't be, she dislikes fighting and scales back when she does.
    Description: Usually a tall human woman with pearl skin, long reddish-goldish-brownish hair, and green eyes. Her face is unblemished and ageless, but her eyes seem to show an infinite amount of wisdom.
    Equipment and Abilities: She doesn't really carry anything... She is a Goddess of Life, and basically has control over everything that could fall under the category of "Biology"
    Backstory: Yeah, she's that Boudica. But let's talk about original backstory. She summoned the Druid Tobias back in Time to help her beat the Romans, he started to do so, then realized his mistake, killed her, and helped the Romans beat the Celts in order to have overall peace. She reincarnated and has been spending the time since growing her Druid levels. In the present day, in a HALO plot, she helped Tobias come back to life and used his body as a vessel. She finally managed to overthrow his mind and take control. Stuff happened. She then became a sperate entity, did some Druidic stuff, and then hung around HALO one day. Inigo Montoya somehow managed to convert her to NG, and she's been in HALO since.
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