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    "Gaze ye now on the wonders of a forgotten world! Now let's go kill the inhabitants and take their stuff."
    -Rebonack, Arcane Knight and Adventurer

    Name: Rebonack
    Race: Awakened Living Disjunction. Seriously.
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Age: Old
    Height: Bigger than a human, smaller than a half-giant
    Weight: More than you would think


    Under his armor Rebonack appears to be a semi-fluid starscape. Deep blue-black and dotted with flickering, flowing points of light. Though normally his full-plate obscures his body from view. The armor itself has a bit of a mismatched appearance on account of the gauntlets and greaves, though other than that it appears to be little more than an old suit of full plate.

    Shiny steel. Snow white mantle. Horned helm.

    One gauntlet is crafted of basaltic stone, angular emerald lines of magic running through it. Around the wrist runs a row of white stones. The other is a deep blue material, decorated with brass rivets and gilding and blazing blue gem set into the back of the palm. The greaves are well decorated with brass and blue-tinted metal.

    His shield bound round about with mithril, though in place of a sign of heraldry there is simply a black emptiness into which light itself seems to fall.

    Aside from rather impressive martial prowess Rebonack has a number of abilities that are quite useful in combat. Often times puncture and slash wounds deal little real damage to the ooze as he's able to simply meld together again. Though he can only recover in this fashion so quickly. Severed limbs are still a problem.

    In addition to physical toughness Rebonack is highly resistant to magic that directly effects him. Curses, transmutations, and the like are usually shrugged off or disjoined in short order. Indirect effects such as lightning bolts or fire balls work on him normally.

    Finally, Rebonack is able to devour many magical effects. He can disjoin spells simply by focusing on them and through prolonged contact with magic items he can render them mundane. The flesh of magical creatures is likewise in danger of his apatite. Direct contact with him by any being with supernatural nature or abilities is discouraged.

    Rebonack has a number of rather unique objects in his possession. Many of them artifacts he has bound to himself.

    Mirror of the Void: Rebonack's shield functions as a dimensionless space into which just about anything can tumble. It isn't uncommon for him to attempt to catch an opponent's and wrench it from their grasp. Anything he captures is held in his mantel.

    Bottomless Well: Rebonack's mantel. This snow white cape serves as a Handy Haversack of infinite volume, in addition it links to Rebonack's shield. He's got a whole bunch of fireballs in there. Beware the anime missile barrage.

    Gauntlet of the Surging Spirit: This nifty toy is able to manifest a falcon-like mass of lightning. Which can make a general nuisance of itself. Alternately, it can be used to electrically charge a weapon. The wearer is also afforded powerful protection from electricity. Finally, the gauntlet is able to revitalize the wearer, though this ability takes several days to recharge.

    Gauntlet of the Earth Lord's Might: Rebonack's other gauntlet is another interesting item. This stone gauntlet is able to telekinetically lift stone, as well as shape it fairly quickly. Direct contact with the gauntlet can gradually petrify a target. Creatures are slowed on the first successful attack and petrified on the second. Objects slowly transform into dark basaltic stone. The gauntlet also enhances the durability and toughness of the user's body.

    Greaves of the Peerless Wanderer: These boots have several useful abilities. First, Rebonack's speed can be enhanced markedly both in terms of movement and attack rate. Rebonack can use the boots to walk along any surface, even running through thin air for a limited amount of time. While wearing these boots Rebonack is unable to tire from strenuous physical activity. The last and perhaps most useful power of the boots is the ability to arrive at any destination after walking for eight hours.

    Winds of Mechius: A great swarm of minute, razor sharp cogs. These pieces can be assembled into most any shape. Though Rebonack usually favors a battle axe. The Winds of Mechius count as any kind of material for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction in addition to being a powerful magical weapon in their own right.

    Plate Armor: Rebonack has an old suit of plate mail he keeps in pristine condition. The greaves and gauntlets have been replaced, though other than that it's a normal suit of armor.
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