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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Peter Raven Dead, killed by Calublufiok Now revived as an Alternate Timeline Clone by Harbinger Epoch

    Gender: Male
    Race: Shapeshifter
    Age: 45
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Class (or approximation): Barbarian/Healer
    Power Rating (optional):
    Description: See avatar for default appearance, though shapeshifting allows him to look like pretty much anything he wants.
    Equipment and Abilities: He's like the T-1000. Can make weapons from his body. He can also shapeshift to as small as a dragonfly or as large as a hippo. Also a skilled healer, using dark arts, and can resuscitate people if they've not been dead long.
    Backstory: Leader of the Blackdust Clan. He's brother to Happy Turtle Amakirr's mother, was a father figure to Turtle and trained her as a barbarian. Had a rather rocky relationship with Turtle's half-sister Rabbit, to whom he is not related by blood. Fiercely protective of Melody Smurf, who he has adopted into the clan.

    Part 1: Betrayal
    Part 2: Promise
    Part 3: Monster

    Three months after being killed, he was revived by Harbinger Epoch as an Alternate Time Clone. To avoid traumatising his niece, he has assumed a new identity:

    Name: Corwin
    Gender: Male
    Race: Altered human
    Age: 48
    Alignment: Lawful Good (uses a magic item to fake this)
    Class (or approximation): Retired soldier
    Power Rating (optional): 6
    Description: See below
    Equipment and Abilities: Powered armour, 50 cal BMG handgun with magekiller and HE rounds, powered staff, artifact organ (see below)


    Due to the artifact "organ" placed inside of him, he now can not only shapeshift his body to make weapons, but also detach them, as well augment himself with the metals she used to create the artifact- one of the two metals is unholy, supernaturally hard and vicious. The other is flexible and quick and hard to avoid. (Soulsteel and moonsilver respectively).

    What is more, he can turn the powersource inside of him into regenerative capabilities (though there is a limited amount of how much he can do in a short time span. Eventually he'll run out of power and won't be able to regenerate himself if he keeps getting hit), as well as augmenting his magic.

    It is important to note that all of its extra capabilities are tied together, however. Using one depletes resources and capabilities from them all. Of course, he has a great deal of power to draw from, and it does restock over time.

    New notes:
    Runes: 6th rune, Othala, 'clan', Ancestry, Inheritance, Odin
    In each wrist is the Rune Nauthiz. The Rune of the Norn Skuld, Nauthiz represents the urgency of the Valherjar’s quest and their opportunity to prevent the apocalypse.
    In each ankle is the Rune Isa. The Rune of the Norn Verdandi, Isa represents the drive of the Valherjar to overcome the prophecy.
    Finally, set into the center of each Valherjar’s chest is the Rune Hagalaz. Belonging to Urd, the oldest of the Norns, Hagalaz is an ancient Rune signifying life and the oneness that draws the energy that allows rebirth

    Fellow Flyn member: Ingi, who refers to Raven as Hrafn.
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