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    Race: Half-Fiend/Half-Elf
    Class: Assassin/Ranger/Psion
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Evil tendencies.
    Age: He seems to be 23.
    Group:HALO (Sort of.)
    Power Rating: 5
    Powers and Abilities: A master of many weapons, he is proficient in nearly every martial weapon and ranged weapon. By proficient, I mean he can kill a few people. Not a master of all of them. Has limited magic ability, and can control teleportation.
    Backstory: To be Added. Long and exciting. I'll post it some time.
    Equipment: Besides run-of-the-mill ninja gear, he carries a sub-machine gun, and a blade with two wolves carved on it. Don't break it...
    Theme song: My Way By Frank Sinatra.
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