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    Oh, I have been putting this off for far too long.

    "Or Almighty Overlord Kaer, if you prefer..."

    Full Name: Saurous Kaer
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf, with some undead pieces grafted on
    Occupation: Reviver of Necrotic Materials (Necromancer)
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    ACRONYM Affiliation: Himself
    Power Rating: B

    This, basically. Imagine him being less green-ish and more gray-ish.
    Saurous is a wiry and thin elven man of average height, with grey skin, dull red eyes, and an ever-present annoyed frown. He has a small scar next to his right eye. He also has a skeletal arm grafted in place of his actual right arm, which has a variety of poorly-explained abilities. His left leg has also been recently replaced by an undead graft that gives him a slight hobble.

    Equipment: Saurous typically has a variety of sharp knives and daggers, which he puts to great use when forced into melee combat. He also lugs around one (1) nondescript tome of eldritch lore, and various reagents for complex rituals.

    Abilities and Attributes: Saur is a fairly accomplished mage, specializing in necromancy. He is especially adept at violently reshaping living matter, and using reanimation in creative ways. He uses both of these to great effect in combat. He is also quite adept at creating disguises from various materials. However, the "material" used for these disguises are best left to your imagination.
    His skeletal right hand is enchanted up the arse, and thus has a variety of powers. The most obvious and commonly used is the ability to project energy that quickly decays flesh and slowly burns through heavier materials. Saur can also cause total paralysis with his right hand, akin to that of a lich.
    For transportation, Saur typically relies upon various spells that toss him haphazardly through the ethereal plane.

    Personality: As you have probably guessed by now, Saurous isn't the nicest person. For the most part, he is rather stoic with the occasional bit of sardonic humor thrown in.
    Despite his seemingly stoic nature, Saurous has a thing for mischief-making. Most of his motivation can be chalked up to "For the Evulz," since he has long since forgotten why he turned evil in the first place, and now just does it for a sick kick. If there's a chance for him to skip down the street and sing "It's the Most Horrible Time of Year," or do surgery on some exotic critter just to see how it ticks, he'll be there.
    Saur is also quite good at lying and taking on new personae, probably due to his lack of a strong base personality.
    He is also violently allergic to bright color and good cheer. By "is also violently allergic to" I mean "bursts into flames when around." This attribute tends to be scaled up or down depending upon the humor of his current situation.
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