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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Alignment: Neutralish
    Class (or approximation): Momentum changer?
    Power Rating: Don't know...3-6ish?
    Abigail is about 5'3'' so she is pretty short. She is thin with pale skin. Good looking. Wears average teenagerish/young adult clothing cos i can't be bothered explaining.

    Equipment and Abilities:
    Abigail doesn't carry any weapons or stufff.
    Momentum control - Abigail can change the momentum of any object she touches in the direction she chooses. It doesn't take up any concentration and the change is instantaneous. If she retains contact with the object she can keep it's momentum at whatever level she wants. eg. make an object be at zero momentum so it acts as if it is in zero gravity. However, as soon as she loses contact, the object will react to gravity normally, though continue with the momentum she gave it. She can target herself with her ability.

    She also has a telepathic link with Kaelaroth's character Catelyn Merriman.
    ((slowly being written; here is basics))
    Abigail grew up in a strange area out of main Acronymia. For all intents and purposes it is a wild magic area. This affected her as she grew and she manifested the abilities mentioned above. Abigail had loving parents and possibly had siblings ((not sure yet)). Here parents were recently killed by a band of raiding...bandits. When she was out on a week long walking trip around the area. She took these trips frequently, and was shocked coming home to a gutted village. Instead of stopping and looking for survivors she turned around and went straight back off travelling, finally ending up in Acronymia. Finding the Taverna, she spent a few days getting acquainted with the locals and then met an intriguing woman, Catelyn. Quickly striking up a...friendship...of sorts, they linked their minds and then...
    Miscellaneous: Most people call her Abi.
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