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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Jack Hangman (temporary name)

    Gender: Male most likely.

    Race: Unknown. Looks to be Human.

    Age: Unknown. Looks to be in early twenties.

    Alignment: Unknown. Looks to be... can you really tell alignment by looks alone? ...Neutral?

    Class: Unknown. Looks to be a civilian.

    Power Rating: Unknown. Looks to be 1.

    Description: Unk- wait, this is known. He is cursed with a mask that he cannot remove, along with a hangman's noose that is cut off by the time it reaches his pelvis. Speaking of which, he has no clothes covering any of his athletic figure of 6'1" (185.42 cm). If you'd like further description, then read on.

    His skin is fair as a dead mans, and his eyes are a deep and dilated blue. Above those eyes is a scalp covered by dirty blonde hair, mostly because of the dirt in it. If washed it will still be dirty, but not literally, and not as dark. Besides that, there doesn't appear to be another hair on his body. No, not even on the average sized thingy that male Humans typically have. Along with a lack of hair below his head, he doesn't appear to have any moles either. Strange for someone of his skin. What's stranger is on his back... There is a tatoo of a circular rune. Words of an ancient race, beyond that of anything comprehensible. Hmm, the runes are black; there are seven in total. Touching them results in pain for the host, but they glow red! Pretty red! Does it matter how much it hurts him if the glow so? OF COURSE IT DOES!! Another thing to note is the longsword impaling the very centre of the runes.

    Equipment and Abilities: Currently, if one were to touch the runes on his back with their bare hand, they'll feel the need to continue touching them. As well, once they stop, they may gain the urge to do something, or nothing. Depending on how long they had touched the runes will determine how great the urge becomes! This all depends on which rune they touch.

    The only equipment he carries is the sword in his back. It's very ornate in that the entire sword is a cold rustic metal. The guard and grip seems to have laughing skulls etched into it, 13 in total. The blade is perfectly straight, and has a rose vine etched into each side. It extends as far as three and a half feet (106.68 cm). Touching it would be the equivalent of touching dry ice.

    Backstory: Unknown. Looks to have escaped execution from a distant plane.
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