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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Age: Young enough to make all the old people in the game feel very frustrated when he upstages them. Yet old enough to have an innocent love interest.
    Class: Chosen Warrior
    Description: He's an elf kid parody of RPGs. Which means his hair is really wacky and his clothes are just as messed up. And they never change or get messed up, except for cutscenes and when he unlocks his inner strength.
    Equipment and Abilities: None yet. He's still level one and only has 10 gil.
    Backstory: His parents were killed in the apocalypse. He was put in an orphanage until a plague hit. He was rescued by Reinholdt at that point and moved to the Glass Citadel. There he survived an attack by Lex's Flaming Dobermans. Soon Reinholdt initiated his attack on Magtok. The Citadel was caught in the blast of the MagCave explosion and shattered on the ground, killing every other orphan, leaving him the last survivor. Raven found him and took him to NO. There he was named and given a text color as well as PC status.

    Theme song: Undecided
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