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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    The Squiddly Thing Not to Be Properly Named. Now Get Going.

    Gender: Huh? You baffle us, mortal.
    Race: Robotic Squid/Brain in a Jar
    Age: Irrelevant, mortal
    Alignment: Don't mock me with your petty labels, squishy ones
    Class: MagServant
    Power level: ?
    Description: It's a large floating metal squid, with glowy violet eyes and a navy blue coat of paint. There's not much more to it than that, really.
    Equipment and Abilities: So far, it's shown the ability to fly. It can also lift about twice the human average with a pair of tentacles.
    Backstory: After rather hostile exchanges with Harbinger Epoch, Magtok decided to build a series of ridiculous Magbots to mock those Elder Evil thingamajigs. The MagSquids all came equipped with an enhanced MagBrain in their haughty skulls, and a dark voice matching the sort of thing you'd expect from Draken's cronies. This one in particular, a survivor of the Fall of Astir's Kingdom, was very impatient when it came time to assigning names, and was rather mercilessly punished with the title you see above. It tries to avoid mentioning that name whenever possible, and goes above and beyond the MagSquid standards of haughtiness and grandiose speech to overcompensate for its embarrassing identity. At the present time, it is trying to cope in a post-Mag world, having transported a decent-looking MagCorpse to Happy and setting about making repairs with an intern in the silly hope of pleasing the "One who is Many" when he gets back from being dead.
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