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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Unknown
    Age: Also unknown, but acts like it's 8 years old.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Description: It's a small (about 1ft in diameter), blue floating sphere of unknown material. It's tangible enough to be knocked into, but can repress this tangibility at will.
    Backstory: It just sort of appeared one day. Who knows what it is. It might be an amalgamated form of something. It might be a restless soul. Nobody can be sure yet.


    Tangibility repression - Can repress its tangibility to the point where it can pass through walls.

    Limited flight capabilities - Hovers 3ft off of the ground and flies about as fast as a normal person can run.

    Partial Invisibility - Leaves a faint outline when activated.

    Light beam - This has two functions, 1) It brightens up the area which it is fired at, like a flare, and 2) It delivers the same effect as a punch from a moderately strong human being if it comes into contact with anything.

    Auras: Wispy also has a few auras (that it named) that it can use (but only one at a time)
    Smiley time - People within 10ft of Wispy may feel much happier than usual.

    Nightlite - The area around Wispy is brighter than usual (as bright as if a torch was shining on Wispy's location)

    STAY AWAY! - Wispy projects a moderate pushing force that tries to prevent anyone from getting within reach of it. This force is as strong as quite a strong human.

    Personality: Wispy is generally very friendly and jolly. It loves meeting new people and making new friends. It can seem a little eager at times though.

    Misc: Wispy is currently a solid ball of diamond and resides inside a bag of holding which is possessed by a ferret.
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