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    ...and how is that helping me?

    Name: Zel
    Race: Human
    Alignment: Neutral
    Age: 22
    Base: Kinetic

    Zel stands at 5'5". She has short white hair that is swept back. Her skin is slightly pale. She has a slightly rounded face and gray eyes. She usually has a smirk, and usually has a looks that says she thinks she's better than you. She has an athletic build. She wears black hiking shoes, dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt, black leather half-gloves, and a black leather jacket. She has a white belt that hangs from only one loop on her jeans. Her wrists have a couple of large bracelets on them.

    The front of her jacket has four pockets, and there are two more on her shoulders. Her pants also have a similar pocket on each side. The pockets have a snap-shut flap on them, which has a small chain going from the flap back to the jacket/pants. On the back of her jacket, three straps with snaps hold her main weapon in place, a large bladed ring.

    A version of her by Miss Nobody, who is awesomeness.

    With Zel being Kinetic Base, her weapons are ranged, and she does not touch them.

    The pockets on her jacket contain steel sphere the size of marbles. She uses her abilities to send the spheres flying at her targets.

    Her main weapon is a bladed ring about the size of a steering wheel, which is held on the back of her jacket. She also uses her abilities to wield this.

    Zel is kind of laid back. She can be a tease when she wants. She likes messing with people.

    She can be quick to violence. Part of that is because of her past.

    She is Kinetic Base, with Kinetic being short for telekinetic. How well she can move things depends on a lot of stuff, like how much matter she's moving, speed, how much energy she has left, if anything else is distracting her, etc.

    She uses her abilities both offensively and defensively.

    She is also fairly well fit, physically. She can easily hold her own in a fist fight.

    Zel's parents died while she was young. She grew up in a run-down orphanage in one of the many slums of Rembress, one of the major cities of the world she's from, Wen Rahte.

    She hated the orphanage, and always felt out of place there. When she was 16, she ran away. She lived on the streets for a little while, and had a brief stint as a prostitute.

    About six months after she escaped the orphanage, she volunteered for some research that the military was conducting, as food and shelter was promised to her. She became one of five test subjects, the others being Terric(Fire Base), Malox(Earth Base), Vishta(Wind Base), and Selvik(Shadow Base). The tests were designed to find out how much one's Base could be enhanced and manipulated, if a Base could be combined with others, etc. The experiments were brutal, and the subjects were essentially trapped there.

    About a month into the research, shortly after Zel's 17th birthday, another experiment that was being done at the same facility took a turn for the worse, causing a massive explosion. The only survivor of that experiment was a man named Wolver, a Wind Base. The explosion allowed the five to escape the facility.

    They regrouped at a local tavern, and from there they made plans to get as far away from Rembress as possible.

    Not long after they set out, they ran into Wolver. Something was different about him, and he quickly attacked the group. During the battle, he revealed that he was seeking the Base Spirits. The group was not able to defeat him, but he ran away anyways. Malox, the oldest of the group, said that he recalled some legends of the Spirits. The group decided that whatever Wolver was up to probably wasn't good, and they set out to track him down.

    As they travelled, they tried to find out as much as they could about the Spirits. They found many stories about a great battle that took place hundreds of years ago, shortly before the birth of Wen Rahte. The battle was between Pryce and Ardwyn. The two were equal in power. After much destruction, Pryce was able to seal away Ardwyn by putting his very existence into one final attack. The Spirits were formed from this, and they spread across the globe, to go into hiding. It seemed that they were the key to releasing Ardwyn.

    The group was finally able to stop Ardwyn as he was attempting to capture the Water Spirit. Wolver was frozen in the lake that the Spirit dwelled.

    Not knowing how to free the Spirits that Wolver had already captured, the group decided to take the objects that held them and place them into hiding once again. This caused most of the group to go their separate ways.

    Zel acquired her current weapons during this adventure, and was quick to learn them. She also grew fond of Selvik. When the group split up, she stayed with Selvik. The two had a relationship for a while, until Zel found out that Selvik was seeing another woman. She immediately left him and set out on her own again.

    For the next five years, Zel went from city to city, taking up whatever job she could find, until she had enough money to move on. She lived on the streets most of the time, occasionally being able to afford a motel room or a crappy apartment. The fighting skills she gained during the adventure helped her often, both in finding jobs and surviving the streets.

    She never returned to Rembress, for fear of being found by the military again.

    Somehow, during one travel, she went from her world into the ACROverse, where she currently resides.

    Random Info:
    Zel loves tacos.

    She hates cheesy pickup lines.

    She is bisexual.

    She once used her abilities to fight a guy wielding a sword. All she used was her fists. She won.
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