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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: Unknown - appears about 30
    Alignment: Unknown
    Class (or approximation): Essence vampire Unknown

    Description: Alexi, keeping the original name, has manifested into a tall human male, about 6'0, thick dark hair, grey eyes, well-dressed. His voice is deep and tinged with a European accent.

    Equipment and Abilities: Alexi feeds on emotions. In a "nutrient-poor environment", Alexi feeds on VERY small amounts of life force. That is why the constant shift in appearance - the more powerful the emotions around, the less Alexi has to life-steal. Unknown for now.
    Backstory: Alexi traveled to this plane to learn about its inhabitants. Above all else, Alexi is a scholar. Having met a series of interesting people, Alexi has decided to become mortal, splitting into three permanent physical people. Discovered by Jack, who helped the three. Alexi fell in love with Coltia, was tricked into thinking she'd left him by Mercedes, and became entangled in a love triangle with her and Aesa. Upon discovering he had been fooled, he mounted a terrible - but successful - rescue effort. Was last seen with Coltia walking away. He ran out into the sea, swam until he couldn't anymore, and then just...floated...

    Whereabouts unknown.

    Marle Alexi

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: Unknown - appears about 25

    Appearance: Identical to an old HALO member, De, Marle is BR's incarnation of the perfect woman. She is curvy, about 5'5, with a white streak in her long brown hair. Her green eyes are bright and mischevious. BR gave her the name she uses.

    Layla Alexi

    Gender: Female
    Race: Elven
    Age: Unknown - appears as a young adult elf

    Appearance: Howl's perfect woman, Layla is about 5'8, slender and wiry, deeply tanned. She has long, honey-colored hair and eyes the color of caramel. She smells of sunlight on warm skin and is fascinated by animals. Jack gave her the name she uses. The most shy of the three, even she retains some of their old habits.
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