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    Gender: Female
    Race: Demon Pig, with human build.
    Age: Appears 16, but is really 665 years old.
    Alignment: Chaoctic Evil
    Class (or approximation): Evil mistress of darkness, I guess.
    Description: Normally blond, wavy, shoulder-length hair and devil horns. Wears a simply purple dress. Pale skin and a pig tail. She also has a pig's snout rather than a nose. *pokes avatar*
    Backstory: One day in her training, she tried to steal a pig but noticed she used the fusion spell instead, fusing her and the pig. Ever since, she has lived among humans and others to escape her failure.
    Miscellaneous: She is a perfectionist, but is nowhere near perfect. She accepts it more gradually each day, but is still short-tempered.
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