Thomas Smith, AKA 'The Hero'
Age: 33
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation: None
Approximate Class: NPC
Power Level: 2 (With plenty of room for vertical motion)
Synopsis:Thomas Smith was once one of the many, the voiceless, and the faceless NPCs roaming around Acronymia. He saw that around him his fellow NPCs were assaulted by various other NPCs. Nobody cared. the High-powered PCs, practically superheroes were busy fighting the supervillians. Thei infinte funds were being put to use - battling over the fate of the multiverse, and yet, down here, at street level, there was still the trappings of a sad, modern society. Men showed inhumanity to Man. There were murders, muggings. People went cold and hungry on the streets at night. People waited, they took their lot in life.
If only they could be powerful pan-dimensional travellers with magic powers and high-tech cybernetic arms and power armours. Guns capable of doing everything.
No, they were here, under the thumbs of sometimes-corrupt cops and always-corrupt ganglords. While the Super-powerful ACRONYMS fought and warred, their heads were so high in the sky that they noticed not what their footwork wroght on the Earth below.
Thomas has recently grown weary of waiting for a Hero to look down upon the earth.
And so, he walked the back alleys and through the forests. He got a gun from a streetside arms dealer. He got bullets.
He was tired of waiting.
He had decided to become the Hero people were waiting for.

Description: Thomas is a human male NPC, with the stadnard NPC trait of nigh-invisbility to PCs. His hair is black and short, his eyes blue and clear, and he is, by most account an attractive NPC. But ask three different PCs and you'll get seven different descriptions. His wardrobe changes, depending on weather, mood, and enviroment, so he always fits in.

Abilities: Thomas is a passable marksmen and has found himself in the possesion of a nine millimeter and wholly unremarkable pistol and a few magazines of ammuntion. He has learned to conceal-carry the weapon.

Author's Note: Think of The Hero as your bog-standard Starting character in any classless CRPG. He has the ability to grow magickally, Psionically, Martially and Tech-wise. His point distribution was left at default and so he is fairly average across the board.
'Tagged' skills are:
Marksmenship (Handguns)
Computer Use (Specilazation: Monotonous Powerpoints)