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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Allie Solsin
    Gender: Female
    Race: Mostly Human/Humanlike/Nonstandard Human
    Age: 16
    Alignment: TN
    Class (or approximation): Uh... Blightwalker.

    Angry Allie!
    Allie is very thin and rather pale. Her face is a pretty one, but vaguely gaunt. Her eyes are dirty yellow. Her hair is black with an ochre-streaked lock in the front, and is long enough in the back to reach her lower back.
    She wears a faded black tank top, a battered and stained army jacket, an old pair of camo pants, and a stolen pair of army boots.

    Equipment and Abilities: Allie can perform spell-like castings, mostly centered around the destruction of organic matter. Her usual fare is a burning touch or an incinerating beam.
    She currently, due to emotional problems, involuntarily causes harm to plants and wildlife in her presence.
    Allie is hardy and good at surviving.

    Backstory: She was the unlucky child of an unlucky family, cursed by a spiteful cleric to be a Blightwalker, an unwilling destroyer of nature.
    Her parents were killed when she was about 12; she has been wandering and scrounging since then.
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