Critique of Worlds Without Number by Rational Goblin
Nicely done, you got me hooked. Though, and I don't mean that as an insult, it is not, your writing doesn't excel (but it is not bad, really!) you set the stage for further adventures, and by hinting at things that will happen but have not, you grab the reader's attention as to what exactly will happen. And that's one of the strong points of your story. It appears to be set slightly in the future, but you never tell us exactly how far advanced humanity is, thuscreating a mystery that doesn't let us predict what exactly will happen. You also never mention what type of horrors await young Rowe, because the trip into another world can mean all manner of things, from a sci-fi adventure to some sort of cosmic evil a la Lovecraft. Keep on writing, I'm sure to keep readng and find out what mystery you have in store for Rowe and the reader.