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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: TSA-1 (Tactical Simulation Apparatus)
    Race: Construct (computer)
    Alignment: Neutral
    Age: Because of time descrepincies between dimensions, who knows?
    Power Level: Technically 0, however, the things he can do with his manipulatory intellect and teleportation are incredible
    Physical Description:
    The TSA-1 appears to be a large, grey, plastic covered box with rounded edges and these dimensions:
    Length: 5.5 feet
    Width: 4.5 feet
    Height: 3.5 feet
    It has a screen with an itegrated keyboard on one side, and a video camera "eye" on the same side that can change color
    Communicates through ASCII text on the screen
    Manufactured during the seventies and completed in the 80's, this proto-type computer was designed to simulate a full-scale war between the United States and Soviet Union with many factors involved, and play games of chess with bored programmers when not in official use. A little while after it was completed a plane-shift spell transfered it into the void, where magic gradually gave it sentience, and kept it powered. After running the American-Soviet War simulation too many times to count, it created a contrasting AI to play chess against. After what may of been thousands of years in the void, a lesser god happpened upon it during a chess game, and promtly challanged it, on the condition that if it won, the god would fufill three requests. The god lost, and kept his word, and TSA-1 was granted an unlimited memory capacity, an internal power core that would never run out, and the ability to teleport across time and space at will. Now it explores the multiverse, only wishing to learn and survive this perilous place, with another slightly psychotic AI in tow.

    Teleportation: The TSA-1 can teleport itself and up to one creature (or two other creatures) across time and space, at will, once every hour by typing in a command.
    Chess Master: After playing chess for thousands of years, he is quite good, and nigh impossible to beat.
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