Mirrored Menace
Lesser 3rd
As a swift action, you create an illusory duplicate of yourself somewhere within 30ft of yourself. This otherwise works like Mirror Image with a duration of 1 round.

Hasty Retreat
Greater 6th
As a swift, verbal action, you may use a dimension door effect out to short range(25ft =+5ft/2 levels) and leave a major image left behind that reacts appropriately to attacks.

Greater Repelling Blast
Dark 8th
A creature of any size struck by a Greater Repelling Blast must succeed a Reflex Save of be knocked bad 1d4X10 feet and land prone

The first two are obviously meant to be used in conjunction to annoy opponents, not to mention shenanigans with Glaivelocks, and the last... well I never liked the size restriction on Repelling Blast