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    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Class (or approximation): Rogue (oxymoron though it may be, combat-optimised Rogue)
    Power Rating (optional): 3
    Red hair of slightly below-average length, average features, slim build, wears civilian clothing and gloves and/or medieval armor combined with . Above-average height, black eyes. Primary distinguishing feature is a strange pimple on his hand (though he conceals it with gloves).
    Equipment and Abilities: Skilled at stealth, fighting with his standard weapons (two shields, optional armor, and a posion-tipped fork attached to his foot. Also has posions which generally kill or "wound" those who don't have an above-average constitution or power rating higher then his. Also has a large supply of forged bank-notes (though he can't replace them).

    His weaknesses are a lack of ability to improvise with weapons other than those he is used to, and a need to constantly stay resupplied with posions and find ways to pay for them.

    Megaroi was living a perfectly normal life for most of his life. This would end early in his adolesence, as in exchange for cash he injected unidentified blood into his veins as part of a scientific experiment. The origin of the blood was never found out, but it drove him mad. It drove him to kill...

    Miscellaneous: Technically, only 98% human (Due to the incident which made him a murderer)
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