Pontius Montifex Dathrii
Gender: Male
Race: Gnome
Age: 89
Alignment: Neutral (True)
Class (or approximation): Runesmith/sorceror
Power Rating (optional): 4
Description: Wearing an apron over well-made shabby clothes, as well as a belt, this gnome is obviously proud of his job. Heís got a plain, bronze rod tucked into his belt next to a wand. He is bald, with a fringe of white hair circling his head, with goggles pushed up onto it. Thereís a bone ring and another ring bearing a device resembling a roast chicken, as well as a signet ring on his left ring-finger with a golem inscribed upon it. Hanging from his neck is an amulet shaped like a small shield. In the pouch of the apron is a dagger with a flame motif on the blade and a ruby hilt-stone, some collapsible merchantís scales and several chisels and other tools.

Equipment: Shield Guardian Amulet (controls shield guardian), Flaming Dagger, Ring of Sustenance (no need to eat, need only 2 hrs sleep for fully rested), Ring of Regeneration (heals damage), Rod of Metal/Mineral Detection (detects chosen mineral in 30ft), Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds (cures some injuries), Goggles of Minute Seeing (increase sight ability), all Golem Manuals (help build golems), Artisanís Tools (masterwork, wood, stone & blacksmithís), signet ring and some merchantís scales.
Abilities: Spellcasting (12th lvl sorcerer);Spell-like Abilities: Speak with Burrowing Animal (At-Will), Dancing Lights (balls of light follow casterís direction & may form humanoid shape; 1/day), Ghost Sound (creates noise such as whispering, not true words; 1/day), Prestidigitation (soil item, clean item, sprinkle sugar/salt; 1/day); Runesmithing (magical effect through scribed symbols); Low-light vision
Backstory: Not telling.
Miscellaneous: Accompanied by Plubius, a homonculus, and a Shield Guardian. Runs a golem and construct shop.