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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    It's 'bout time I put her up.

    Eklipso Thatcher
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 20s
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class (or approximation): Paladin

    Description: Sky-blue eyes; silky, shoulder-length, black hair with jade and turquoise highlights/dye strips. Slender, and she wears studded black leather clothing, and a hooded cape. She's cunning, courageous, yet frightened at what might happen.

    Her hair would fall in front of her face, but she has a hairpin, black like her hair, with a gem-flower at the end, with the center white and the petals black. Thanks to Metta.

    Equipment and Abilities: She has a longsword and a longbow. And studded leather.

    And some (1) magic anti-abomination Pure Law rocks (image of tree on it), and some mistletoe berries.

    She also has a magic "Feather Fall" ring, in the shape of feathers, which makes her fall at a slow pace whenever she falls (which is not what normal feather-falling stuff does)

    In addition, she has a necklace with the image of the sun on it, and another of the Pure Law rocks embedded in it. It also greatly increases her strength, her dexterity, and her constitution (D&D terms)

    She's pretty poor, she currently has: 12 11 gold coins.

    She also has some paladin-ish skills. And...some angelic and some demonic skills...some work instinctively, others are powered by concentration.

    She has a brother, who protects her. Her brother's soul is it, because some demon or beast or something stole her brother's body.

    Backstory: Use to be a farmer.
    Brother promised he'd always come when she needs it, and protect her. He went off to a war, and disappeared. She went with him to the war.
    A demon/beast/thing took over the body of him, and came back to get her.
    He protects her.

    Miscellaneous: She's a paladin!

    She also has 3 voices in her head, one black one red and one bluegreen. Both the black and red are her, actually. Black is meeker, frightened easily, and easily controlled; red is overly emotional, changes emotions too quickly, and too extreme; Bluegreen is supposed to be a secret and I don't want to tell anybody about it yet.
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