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    Iames Osari
    jɔmes osɔri

    Gender: Male
    Race: Deity (Ascended Human)
    Age: late 20s
    Alignment: LN//CE//NG
    Class: Monk//Psion (Telepath)//Wilder
    Power Rating: Scaling.
    • Height: 6'2"
    • Weight: 184lb.
    • Eyes: Green, violet, or yellow
    • Hair: Black

    Iames was orphaned by a blast from an ancient magical superweapon. He was adopted by the Osari family, who ran a general store near an adventuring school. Iames grew up alongside the children of the most famous adventurers of the region, unaware of the prophecy that was shaping his life.
    After attending the school and learning basic martial arts, Iames lost his friends on his first mission. The pain of the loss awoke his dormant psionic potential, and the Dark rose up and took vengeance. The discovery of such wanton cruelty distressed him, and so the Dark Lord Xarakh Nam was able to trick Iames into becoming his servant.

    Iames eventually broke free of his oath of service and defeated the Dark Lord, and has been traveling the planes doing penance for the evil deeds he committed in the Dark Lord's service.

    Common Knowledge:
    Iames the Light speaks in purple (DarkViolet, actually, but who's counting?), the Dark in red, and the Grey speaks in green. He can communicate telepathically, using the same colors but in italics. When communicating telepathically, or using psionic powers, his eyes glow in a pulse in rhythm with the words.

    Notes: Though now a deity himself, Iames will sometimes habitually invoke the Gods of his home plane.

    Current Story:
    Serving in the Acro-Imperial army and trying to investigate their true motives.
    Profile for Iames
    D&D-style clerics wishing to worship Iames may use the following information.

    Alignment: Any except true neutral.
    Portfolio: Love, Hate, Passion, Psionics, Martial Arts
    Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Good, Law, Mind, Passion, Protection.
    Favored Weapon: Unarmed strike or pistol.
    Holy Symbol:
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