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    Merrick Leavitt

    Gender: Male
    Race: Scion (Fancy way of saying he's the child of a god and a mortal)
    Age: 35
    Class: Soldier
    Power Rating: 5 at the moment.

    Merrick is a tall, muscular man, with dark hair, light skin, blue eyes and a Nordic look to him. He generally wears a loose shirt and jeans, although he will wear a coat if it's cold. He also carries a shotgun, which has Nordic runes inscribed on it.

    Equipment and Abilities:

    Merrick, as a Scion of Heimdall, has a number of abilities granted to him by his father, Heimdall. Firstly, his shotgun, Gunnlogi, is actually a relic crafted for him, which gives him access to most of the divine powers granted to him by his father, Heimdall, as well as allowing him to summon some of the Einherjar- the warriors that wait at Vanhalla for Ragnarok- to aid him. The gun also never needs reloading.

    In addition to this, Merrick has small levels of superhuman dexterity, which can make it very difficult to hit him, and his perception partially inherited from his father, although not to the same degree, makes it almost impossible to ambush him. And it is impossible to knock him down if he doesn't want to be knocked down.

    Powers granted:

    He can mark someone, and will know if they're in danger. He can also give a small measure of protection.

    He can also see in very dim light (although he needs some light to see), and anything less than total concealment is not going to hinder his vision. He can also let off light.

    Backstory: To come...

    Fatebinding: Due to Merrick's status, Fate has a tendency to cast him as a major character in a story. This manifests several ways, but the most obvious is Fatebinding. In essence, when Merrick uses some of his abilities, there is a chance that mortals will be 'bound' to him, as supporting characters in that story in a particular role. An heiress that he saves may become a Patron to him, supplying what he requests whithin her abilities. Or, a mortal who identifies him as the source of their ruin may try to kill or ruin him, becoming a Nemesis. The thing is, that Fate is decreeing they take these actions. Locations and objects may also be Fatebound.

    {{OOC: I will handle Fatebinding like this: I won't say whether a PC may become Fatebound to Merrick. You may choose that they are, remembering that people less powerful than Merrick are more likely to be Fatebound. I may say an NPC becomes Fatebound, however, or an object or even a place.}}
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