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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: Not so much a sound as it is a feeling. A whimsical, surreal wildness. A thing of dreams and possibility that stretches into infinity. A thing of vast open skies. Of forests and fields and meadows. Sweltering heat and bitter cold. Of all the untamed things that roam there. Brighter than the sun, darker than the reaches of the night sky. Deeper than the roots of the mountains, older than the dance of the stars.

    Change and life and growth. The unfettered power of the dreaming imagination and glory the of birthing something new. Peace and wonder and joy and more than a little mischievous fun.

    It's real. Full of vibrancy and color and shape and feeling.

    So real that all else seems drab and indistinct by contrast.

    But that's hard to pronounce so most people call him 'Avatar'.
    Gender: Usually uses a male persona.
    Race: Celestial Eldritch Abomination. Yes. Celestial.
    Alignment: 404 Error: Alignment Not Found
    Power Rating: i, no min, no max, scales as needed for a fight to be fair.
    Affiliation: Wut?
    Age: Less than a year.
    Appearance: Highly variable
    Special Abilities: Physical plasticity, Dream-essence, Nightmare-essence, unsettling presence, looking a hell of a lot more powerful than he actually is.
    Combat Proficiencies: Avatar is skilled with his natural abilities and hand-to-hand combat. His ability to weaponize his essence is limited, so most of the time he'll rely on his artifact sifu staff.
    Common Knowledge: Avatar was originally an Aspect of Ragnnora that possessed Zee for nefarious purposes. Since then he's been cut off from the Elder Evil and now operates as an independent being. If Avatar spots mice running around he'll be compelled to chase them down and eat them.
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