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    Surely-Refulgent Anshu, Most Enlightened Master

    Gender: Male
    Race: Zenith-Caste Solar (Human)
    Age: 41 (34 in Exalted years; appears to be in his mid-20s)
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class: Warrior Priest
    Power Rating: 8 (Essence 6)
    Backstory: The enlightened mortal Immaculate monk called Little Dragon took his Second Breath after becoming the last survivor of a Wyld Hunt. After spending some time with trainers from the Gold Faction, he began calling himself Anshu and took a cluster of farm villages under his protection. Pursuing slavers after a raid on those villages led to a meeting with his Lunar mate and a group of other Celestial Exalts. As the Mask of Winters moved to cement his control over the East, attacking Nexus, Great Forks, and Greyfalls before laying siege to Lookshy, Anshu and his circlemates led survivors to Denandsor, where they broke the ancient curse keeping people from dwelling in the city. Then, with the forces of the Wyld fast approaching, they seized the Imperial Manse, threw out the invading Fae, and began taking control of Creation.
    Theme Song: Origa - Rise (Lyrics)
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