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    Brianna Corcoran

    Gender: Female
    Race: Human, but a daughter of a god.
    Age: 25
    Alignment: Well, if you really want me to define her alignment, I'll say NG
    Class (or approximation): Scion of Brigid
    Power Rating: 5, probably.
    Description: Brianna has freckles, flame-orange hair, light skin, and gray eyes. She is almost supernaturally beautiful.
    She generally wears jeans, a jacket, and carries a spear with a crystal head and an oak shaft. She also has a celtic-looking pendant.
    Abilities: As a daughter of the Goddess Brigid, Brianna has a number of abilities. Firstly, she's a lot tougher than she looks, able to keep going through quite a lot of damage, and being able to self-heal some of wounds. She also has limited control over fire and sky, and can bolster her allies' courage, and cause fear in her foes (although this isn't strictly linked to her mother, Scions can develop abilities in different fields to their parents). She also has abilities in health, which has recently expanded to limited supernatural healing. She also has the potential to develop abilities related to swans, but hasn't yet.

    The Fire, Sky and War abilities are all channeled through the spear (which is in actual fact the Spear of Lugh), while the Health and Animal (if she develops them) are channeled through the amulet.
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