Selene Hyuga

Gender: Female

Race: Wolf (Can turn human of course. She's a Hyuga you know.)

Age: Around 200

Alignment: Chaotic good (You know like every friggin character of mine.)

Power Rating: 7

Description: Human: 6' 7" she has the same pink hair as her mother. Except she wears it out instead of in a braid. Her golden eyes are quite obviously a wolfs. Of course she retains some of her wolf features like the ears, and the tail, and the wolf like canines.
Wolf: She's isn't as near as big as her father or brothers when standig on All fours there are probably like 6 feet from the ground to the top of her back. Yes she has the same pink fur as her mother. Ooo and she has really sharp teeth!

Equipment: She doesn't really carry any items except her clothes. Which I would like to mention are a pair of jeans and a tight fitting shirt. Of course that's only when she is in human form.

Abilities: Well she is a wolf. She can turn into a human at will. I don't really know any other abilities that she would have.

Backstory: Coming soon!

Miscellaneous: Her father is Kiba Hyuga, and her mother is Genkai Aldaro. She has a brother names Hopper. She has no lover, and no children of her own.