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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Default Caroline

    Caroline Standford Formerly: The Little Girl
    Race: Human Half-Ghost
    Class: Playful Ghost of HALO NO
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Age: Looks to be 20.
    Height: 5'2"
    Eyes: Bluish-Green
    Hair: Brunette
    Affiliation: Neutral Organization
    Power Level: 6

    Description: A translucent little girl that enjoys haunting HALO. She's a young girl, who still has the ability to turn into her ghostly state, due to her half-death experience.

    Update: Having drunk from a mysterious fountain in Outside, Caroline has finally grown.

    Backstory: She found her way to HALO, and liked the people there. She now call sit home, and tries to protect her "friends" who she is just now getting to know.

    After Dipsnig and Nameless helped reunite her with her family in the past, she joined NO, as agreed.

    She currently works with Vincent, and has gained a Familiar, Annie the Annoying Fairy.

    She also hs three pet Carsets who follow her around from time to time (Description of Carsets to come), Tony (Easy going, playful), Misty (serious, smartest of the three), and Junior (doesn't like Vincent).

    1. Absorb- She can inhabit other people's body, but only if they do not resist.
    2. Control- Once inside, she can attempt to control their actions.
    3. Pain- She also can induce great pain upon her host.
    4. Resist- Once inside, the host will find it hard to force her out, unless she willingly leaves.
    5. Incorporeal- She is normally in an incorporeal state, but can become as solid incorporeal as she wants to be.
    6. Healing Magic- She can reach into people and give them a warm tingly fealing, that makes them feal much better.
    7. Life Magic- She can also reach into someone who has recently died, or is dying, and give them a bit of her own life to bring them away from death.
    8. Ice Blowgun- She has a blowgun that can temporarily render her target frozen.

    Armor: Sundress with pretty design on it.

    Common Knowledge:
    1. She used to be dead.
    2. She used to be in HALO.
    3. She's in love with Vincent.

    Picture: None.
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