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Thread: ACRONYM Character Registry.

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    Name: Baby
    Race: Dwarf who identifies as Orcish
    Gender: Female
    Class: Barbarian
    Power level: B


    A family of dwarves is caught in a flash flood. Mum and Dad can't escape, but they assemble a makeshift raft and attach their baby to it. Of course they hang on to the very last minute and only let go when it is clear that they are about to be drowned. They die, but the baby is swept downstream and eventually is discovered by a particularly low int orc barbarian who decides to keep her. Being the super creative guy that he is, he names her Baby. Had Baby been any other race, she almost certainly wouldn't have survived his parenting, but she survived and grew up among the orcs, learning to hold her own with the orc children and in the fights with her dad. She is fiercely loyal to her orc tribe and has no desire to rejoin dwarf society.

    Baby's history (according to her): Gruumsh and dwarf god fight over Baby. Dwarf god steal Baby, make Baby born in dwarf body. But Gruumsh tricky. Gruumsh know dwarves not like water and send flood. All real dwarves drown, but Baby not drown. Baby get washed away until Daddy finds Baby. Daddy not god, so no can make Baby look like orc. But Daddy make Baby good orc in everything else. One day, if Baby fight good enough, Gruumsh will give Baby orc body.

    Typical fight with dad:

    "Daddy tell Baby do dishes!" "Daddy not boss of Baby!" "Baby live under Daddy roof, do what Daddy say!" "Baby go out with friends! Baby has life! Baby do dishes tomorrow!" "Baby do dishes now!" "Raawr!" "Raawr!"


    Much later... "Dishes all broken now. Baby go meet friends." "Okay Baby. Daddy loves Baby." "Baby loves Daddy" *hugs*
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