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    I'm a big fan of the hexblade class great flavor and I'm actually playing one right now in a play-by-post game.

    Anyway haven't had time yet to read anything but the character themes and I thought I might throw another one out there for consideration. This is kind of in the theme of the Enforcer.

    Manipulator: If there's one thing a hexblade knows better than anyone it's that there's no such thing as luck, but that doesn't mean everybody else can't be fooled into thinking it does. You excel in social situations, using your hexblade's curse and other abilities to help bring people around to your point of view, most of the time without them ever realizing what's happening. You might be a hired infiltrator at the count's private manor or work from the shadows in a puppeteer role, whatever the case it's in your best interest to not idle in one place to long lest someone catch on to your tricks. Often if your powers were known they would be frowned upon and so it's not uncommon to take the guise of a sorceror or ranger to keep suspicion off of you. Build Suggestions: The key to this build is selecting those feats, abilities and spells that allow you to work your ways undetected. Charm Person and Disguise Self are highly recommended, and pumping ranks into Bluff, Diplomacy and Sense Motive skills are very useful. Still spell or the skill trick Conceal Casting are of great help as well.

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