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    Suroshi Nagashi, Possible 8th Division Captain

    Name: Suroshi Nagashi
    Race: Shinigami
    Rank: Unknown at this time (Haven't decided)
    Age: 214, died at ripe age of 78 but body and mind were detached, making him seem much younger, in his late 30's, in Seiriti.
    Appearance: Slightly chubby, shorter than average but not obviously so. His dark brown hair hangs in front of his face only slightly, just about concealing his eyes from time to time. His robes are well fitted, but uniquely he has have a white bow-tie at the top.
    Personality: He is wizened beyond his appearance, and often has some relevant information for someone. He seems caring of most he meets, and especially holds dear those in his squad, even if they aren't under his jurisdiction.
    Abilities/Zanpakuto: His Zanpakuto, Hinagiku (This might be wrong, I just got it from Google Translate, if anyone can give a better translation for Daisies go ahead), is rapier thin, but with a blade sharpened by years of experience. It seems to cut the air itself as it swishes lazily through the air.

    "Push em up, Hinagiku!"

    His blade seems to split into many, twisting and turning but as strong as before. They twist and bend at his command, but never detach from the main blade. They are all as sharp as they were pre-shikai, and the same thickness. He has a special technique with this ability where he pushes the sword into the ground and has the manyblades spring up in the ground where he wants, making his opponent dance to avoid getting shis-kebbabed.

    Kare Deijī (Withering Daisies)

    His blade burts into a million daisy petals (If he was in Shikai, the same amount of daisy petals are released, but are equal between each of his blades.), they slowly wither to a black from their original color, contorting and becoming nastier. When these petals fall to the ground a large, black, barbed spike erupts from the ground. By swinging the hilt, he directs localised wind that affects only the petals. The petals never seem to run out, although no one can see how they are replenished.
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